Introducing Fi and The Fi Files.

C'mon in ... I promise I don't bite. *wink*

But, let's start with an introduction, shall we?

My name is Fi (fee) .. short for Afiya (ah-fee-ya) ... short for Afiya Shani ...

which loosely translates to 'wonderful wellbeing' in Swahili ... a meaning I have come to accept as my task, my purpose, and my due north ... but more on that later.

Welcome to The Fi Files, my new blog -- rather the moving marbles in my brain that manage to seep out into words, images, and videos for me to share out into the world. I am at a very pivotal moment in my life and it just felt like the right time to call in community to join the journey with me. I believe that we are feeling a collective moment of change, and hopefully progress towards a better world. This strong energy coupled with urging from my ancestors and the universe that I cannot ignore any longer have made clear that I have to take life by the horns and take bold steps in my becoming (read my the next post). So, in The Fi Files you can expect stories, reflections, metaphors, and general sharing of my journey through lifestyle shifting/finding my free and empowering others to do the same. (And yeah, maybe a rant or two.)

I’m generally a pretty private person, #MindYaBizness, so starting this blog is quite a HUGE step for me. I must admit, it feels like I am going through something larger than myself. Though my specific journey is going to be different than yours, I sincerely hope it’s a pathway to inspiration, community building, and collective energy shifting for all of us. There are soOoOo many things I want to do in this world and it’s taken me many years of “preparing” to get to this point of still not “ready”. So there is fear. And there is me doing it anyway. Creating this blog, starting a business, going freelance, and the other adventures I am embarking upon are evidence of me navigating the unknown with more trust and more facing myself than I’ve ever mustered. I do not claim to be a master of anything but my own experience, though I also do a number of things well. And now I'm doing what I'm calling "growing wings mid-air."

Ah yes, quick bits about me that you might care about:

  • A Black Feminist and Pleasure Activist (not a master yet, but definitely a student of both).

  • An other-worldly-being taking residence on this planet (sometimes begrudgingly) -- But if you see my spaceship, let me know.

  • Because of this, my friends remind me that I too am human. I deny this mostly, but sometimes I choose to accept the challenge humbly as I fumble through mistakes.

  • Graduate of Smith College and New York University with degrees in Sociology, English, and Educational Leadership.

  • The above does not mean I choose to write in perfect English. :) It'll be fine.

  • I am shifting to center joy, rest, fun, community, and liberation in as many ways possible and bringing as many folks along as I can. I ain't got it all right, but it's a practice.

  • I want Black people to be free, to be free, to be free.

Of course, there is so much more inside of this heart, mind, and body of mine, but you’ll have to come along for the ride. So, fuck if i know what’s happening next. But, here we go.

Until next time, Hakuna Matata.

Oh, and thanks for reading. :)

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