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The time you've been "looking for"
in your schedule to write. 
This event is currently paused.
But we'll be back!
Event Details


Wild and Free Write Sessions



Wednesdays @ 7pm


To carve out time to write. Work on whatever you want.



on Zoom

This is For You

Join this writers' space dedicated to making time to write. Whether you're writing for fun or for pay. At the first stage or final. Working on a poem or a play. Been writing for years or just starting to explore the craft. This is that much too difficult time to find on your calendar to buckle down.

If you're looking to stop making excuses and start writing more consistently, or if you're writing alone and want some easygoing writing company, this is for you.


Little to no agenda. Maybe a prompt. Mostly just time to write whatever your heart desires.

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